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Hello, milady~ :iconcrimsonglow:CrimsonGlow 3 2
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For those of you who prefer my markers over my digital pen, here's your chance. The rule for multiples still applies to anyone who wishes to have more than 2 people. Paypal is still preferable but Deviantart points are also accepted. If I don't have the colors that you want, likely I'll need to charge you for that color as it takes forever to find that color and they're usually like... 10 bucks on their own; however, as consolation, I will give you a mini digital art of your choosing that I have in my collection or different sizes of the art piece you have.
Flat characters with no shading no background
13 dollars for solid color with no background and no shading. Prefer Paypal but Deviantpoints are accepted too
the first two heads are free but everyone else pays
for each head added after two heads on a picture, its one more extra.
$16 with the works
For 16 dollars you can get a foreground, background, color and characters I would prefer paypal but deviant points can work.
Thumbnail art
Thumbnail art has been something I've been doing for my own videos mostly for covers so now I would like to do the same for you. Up to 2 people or ponies are free but any more will be added 1 dollar for each head
$14 with shading no background
Ten dollars for art with shading and color but no background (Couldn't find something I've done without a background.) Prefer Paypal but deviant points are acceptable
Background work
9 dollars can also get you a background with either shading or no shading depending on your preference



Artstyle Challenge
I decided to try to challenge myself to do other art styles that I wouldn't necessarily do myself. I liked all of them but I think the one that was the most difficult was the :iconanimechristy: artstyle... so many layers and blending. I would like to challenge friends to do this challenge as well for the different artstyle types that are around either to challenge yourself or to have more cartoony look to play with.

Ebeck Thanos
Commission for :iconebonbeck:

I don't really know what Thanos' backstory is in the comics and I don't really know Ebeck's backstory either but this could still be slightly different. I think instead of the goal seeming humanitarian it would most likely be more defeatist, as if he wants the world to change but instead of just completely wiping all the universe, the suffering would be to specific people of power to equalize economies and resources.

Hope you like this one.



Looking Down on My City
I haven't seen the Mysterious Mare Do Well in a while and thought it would be a nice through back to the beginning of the series. I wanted to give her more of a Dark Knight/Darkwing Duck kind of look with that signature looking over the city like a gargoyle. When I was making the buildings I thought about how the Batman Animated Series made their buildings look. 

If I was writing for Mysterious Mare Do Well as her own character I think that she would be a detective like story who worked mostly at night. She just happens upon a mystery every once and a while after doing smaller good deeds around the city like save someone from tracks or from a building collapsing. She'd probably have villians that are smaller than say the Mane Six have to deal with. Maybe more like Applejack's personal enemies (eg. Flim and Flam), where they're big kingpins of the city that want to expand their enterprise past the city of Chuffom.

What do you guys think? What would be the story you come up with?

Hope you like this one.



Elder God
Commission for: Anonymous

Someone I met at my college found out I knew how to draw and gave me way more than my asking price to do this art piece. If you know me, you know that I don't exactly like doing metal in my art, but it was way above my asking price... like too much... and I needed that passport... yeah, I'm takin' dat munz. He's supposed to be an elder god character (what that is I have no idea.) When I was drawing this a lot if not all of the inspiration I took for this character, I took from Ares as the god of war. I've done Ares before and the commissioner didn't give me a whole lot of direction so I just did what I could to make this as unique from my other Ares Art pieces as possible.

Though, even now I have no idea what an elder god actually is... Someone please explain to me what the difference is!!!!

Hope you like this one.



Iron Zoa
Zoa Renso belongs to :iconzoarenso:

Iron Man belongs to Marvel (c)

So, I was just fucking around with the suit a little bit as I'm not really a big fan of making metallic items, but I wanted to challenge myself. I decided to go with the Infinity War Iron Man Suit because it seemed like it could be the most challenging... so.... many... lines... I went pretty lazy with the background as I didn't know what would look good with the color I had for the suit. Purple made me think it would be better for night missions and would differentiate itself from the original. That and he already has those red horns and I didn't want red on red.

Yeah I'm one to talk.

ANYWAY, I hope you like this design, and maybe you have a particular headcanon as to why this would happen or what the backstory would be to make Zoa Renso into the Iron Colt or Iron Zoa. I'd love to see what you come up with.

And Zoa, I'd love to see what your take on this backstory would be. Just saying ;P

Hope you like this one.





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Alyssa De Luz
Artist | Digital Art
United States


I really like the look of Rarity especially with the touch of red lipstick. She almost looks she could crossover with Dexter's Laborato...



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